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Play with Fire.

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This was my first THKs show and I was very excited. McGlohon theater is a very small venue, holds around 700. There were only about 75 of us there in the Orchestra section and I had front row left.

The stage was simple with 4 mic stands and their instruments around. There was one mic stand towards the back where the guys would sing the Acapella songs

The guys came out and Brian said "Ahh a few of ya here but I can tell you all are a rowdy party kind of bunch aren't ya?" and we all hollered back "YEAH!".
Songs aren't in order  Cheesy
 First song was Step It Out Mary and it's a stomp clapping kind of song. They guys were having fun on stage with each other and they were poking fun of each other too. They played a few songs not on the CDs and one of them was Joe Hill, which was an entertaining song.

Marie's Wedding was the first song they sang from the first CD. Towards the end of the song, they picked up the tempo and were singing so fast they almost couldn't keep up. Finbarr after that song was like "whew" LOL

Martin told us about the song As I Roved Out and how it was about a boy sneaking into a girl's room and how he got caught and we all had a good laugh at that.

Red is the Rose was very nicely done and there was a baby in the back that was making some noise during that song and afterwards, Darren said at the last show there was a baby also making noise and he thought that was a bit funny. The guys really loved that baby  Cheesy

Galway to Graceland, again this was done a capella and it was very nice.

The Auld Triangle, a capella also and the guys put their arms around each other and Finbarr was next to Darren and he sort of tickled him and Darren squirmed and swatted Finbarr's hand away lol. The guys probably didn't need mics since they project pretty well.

Rising of the Moon, Martin told us that this song was about a battle and that the rising of the moon was the signal to attack the enemy.

Will Ye Go Lassie Go, the guys let us sing parts of this song and it was a nice slow relaxing song that could put one to sleep.

Leaving of Liverpool another fun song and they guys had fun interacting with us in this song as they let us sing some parts and they were just smiling away.

Black Velvet Band , so Darren starts singing and then stops and lets us sing the first verse and since we are very good fans we sing the whole verse and he was impressed and the guys joined in.

Star of the County Down, this is one of my favorite songs on Memory Lane and it was a fun one to sing along to.

Green Fields of France, Martin told a little story about this song. The writer woke up (after having a few drinks) and found himself in a graveyard, laying next to a gravestone and on the gravestone it read "Willie McBride" who died in 1916 and was only 16. Martin then said "That's how the story goes anyways" and we had a good chuckle. This is my favorite song on Memory Lane.

Rocky Road to Dublin, was a good stomping song and the guys were having a great time with this one and towards the end they picked it up real fast and tweaked the song a bit but it was fun song.

Now the guys start saying thanks and what a wonderful audience we were and they said "one last song" and we were like "aww no!" LOL Whiskey in the Jar they performed and it was a fast fun song and the guys were having fun with each other and us.

Well then they said their goodbyes and left and we all stood and cheered for them to come back and no sooner had they left the stage when they came back on. Brian asked "one more song?" and we all yelled "YES!" and he said "ok lets go one more!" The Irish Rover they performed and it's a catchy tune and they let us sing some parts.

Then they ended with The Parting Glass, which I was glad they did. It didn't have bagpipes but Martin made up for it with the whistles and it was nicely done.

Afterwards the guys came out to sign stuff and I bought the Memory Lane cd, even though I got it through iTunes I wanted them to sign it. Right before it was my turn, the baby who was in the back of the orchestra was getting all sorts of loving from the guys. The guys really loved that baby girl Cheesy They even sang her one line from Wild Rover, "No Nay Never" line and we all clapped. They passed the baby around and then took a picture. It was really cute.

The guys signed my CD and I told them all how I loved the show and Finbarr said "I saw you up front singing along" and I said "Oh yes I love all the songs, you all were great"

So that was my High Kings show and I am hoping to bring more people with me next time.


Thanks Lindsey
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Great review. Thanks, Cait!

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