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Title: THK Blog Post
Post by: OldFatGuy on August 03, 2009, 03:49PM
What a weekend!

Hi everyone,

First of all, I need to say a massive THANKS to all the fans who voted for us in the IMA's.
We are delighted that we scooped both awards and received such a thunderous applause. It really was fantastic.
To accept the awards on behalf of HK was again another personal highlight in a year of many.
Sharing the stage with Sharon Shannon, Moving Hearts, Frankie Gavin etc was amazing and inspiring equally.

Killarney last night was as usual a huge show, with a rip roaring crowd and atmosphere!!

I had so many people there from my home village, Mooncoin, that I lost track!!

To out wonderful fans/friends who travelled from overseas to be with us, I would just like to say, you are all amazing folks who make it worthwhile for us to do what we do.
Thanks to infinity!! For everything.

Well, back to the studio tomorrow, where we will carry on working on the new album.
I will keep you updated as often as possible.

'Till next time,

Take care, God bless,